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Use of images

Personal use of images

You are welcome to download an image from Heritage Noosa for private study , research or educational use without asking permission. This includes the use of an image in a school assignment.  Please acknowledge the source of the image as follows:

 ‘Image Courtesy of Heritage Noosa’ and include the Image No.

The image number can be found in the information panel to the right of each image and is preceded by a letter followed by a series of numbers, e.g., T1000000.


Other use of images including commercial use

If you would like to use the images in Heritage Noosa for purposes other than private study or education, including publication in any format, please contact Heritage Noosa  including the image numbers that you are interested in using and your intended use.

Please note there is a fee of $44 per image for commercial use.


Higher resolution image files

If you require a higher resolution digital copy of an image for personal, educational, or other use, these can be supplied subject to copyright restrictions. Contact us via the Heritage Mailbox:

Please include the following information:

  • The image number, which can be found on the right-side information panel of each image. E.g., T1000001
  • Your intended use of the image

 Reproduction of images & Copyright

Many of the images in the database are out of copyright as they were created before January 1955 and the copyright has now expired. This means that the images are considered part of the ‘public domain’ and copyright clearance is not needed for reproduction.  We still ask that you credit the source of the image by using the following wording: ‘Image courtesy of Heritage Noosa’ and include the Image No.

If an image is still in copyright, you will find information to this effect in the ‘Conditions of Use’ section, in the right-side image information panel.  Permission to reproduce the image for anything other than educational or non-commercial research purposes, must be sought from the copyright owner. Noosa Council/Noosa Libraries is not necessarily the copyright holder.  It is the responsibility of the user to source the copyright owner.  Noosa Council/Noosa Libraries is unable to assist with this process. If you are unsure of the copyright status, please contact us at

Australian Copyright Law permits the use of certain material that is still in copyright, without the copyright owner’s permission, in what are known as ‘Fair Dealing Exceptions’. For further information, visit the webpage of the Australian Copyright Council: and search for the factsheet ‘Fair Dealing: What Can I Use Without Permission’. Noosa Council/Noosa Libraries is unable to provide legal advice regarding copyright. Potential users must seek independent legal advice.

 Use of Heritage Noosa images on social media

Noosa Libraries is a regular contributor to social media using images from the Heritage Noosa collection. You are welcome to share any of our posts that feature images from the collection. You may also share images from the collection that are no longer in copyright (i.e., were taken prior to January 1955) in your own social media posts.  If you do share an image, we ask that you add the information ‘Image courtesy of Heritage Noosa’ and include the image number (e.g., T1000111).

 Citing an Image

If you need to formally reference an image or item you find in Heritage Noosa, a suggested form of reference is provided. Just click on the inverted commas icon in the panel to the left of the item. You may need to adapt this information to suit your referencing format (e.g. APA, Harvard etc).

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